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The Ministry of Finance of the USA: Crisis just develops

the Minister of Finance of the USA Timoti Gejtner has declared that to world economy the challenge " is thrown down; also that global crisis just develops transfers Associated Press. It has made this statement at a meeting of Ministers of Finance and heads of Central Banks of the countries the big twenty (G - 20), passed the day before nearby to London.
in the speech the minister also has told that improvement of economy of the USA directly depends on access of the American companies to to the open and developing economic systems other countries.
in this connection the USA have urged the European countries to expand the state stimulating programs.
however, for example, Germany has not supported the initiative of Washington. Before to pour in additional means in economy through the state stimulating packages, it is necessary to solve problems of the financial market, the Minister of Finance of Germany considers Peer Shtajnbrjuk.
In its opinion, these measures will not be effective enough without restoration of necessary volumes of crediting.
a meeting of Ministers of Finance and heads of the central banks of member countries the big twenty has been urged to develop recommendations for the summit of heads of states G20 which will pass in the beginning of April of this year in London.
Besides, at a meeting the arrangement on increase in financing of IMF and the Asian bank of development has been reached, and also other international financial structures, whose problem is support of the countries most suffered from crisis.