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I.Sechin: Russia will reduce oil export

Russia will reduce export of oil at the expense of increase in internal consumption. About it, being in Vienna on the OPEC summit, has declared vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Igor Sechin. In particular, we plan to transfer to agricultural manufacturers of 2 million t fuel, and also at the expense of increase in processing in the country - he has noted.
I.Sechin has noticed that it is necessary to involve in stabilisation of the oil market of the country - independent manufacturers of oil, in particular Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Norway and Brazil, Mexico, Egypt as they also are interested in the stable prices for oil and possess a considerable share in the market, transfers TV channel to Conduct .
As he said, it is necessary to come in common to balancing of supply and demand of oil in the world market. With that end in view Russia suggests to spend in the autumn 2009. In Moscow the international conference with participation of the countries of the OPEC and independent manufacturers of oil.
also Russia offers in trade in oil to use long-term contracts on its deliveries that would allow to consider at formation of the price growth of real costs on extraction and oil transportation, and also would limit volatilnost the prices for oil and influence of market speculators, has added vitse - the prime minister.
according to I.Sechina, long-term contracts would promote attraction of additional investments into branch. Besides, financial institutions recognise them as a guarantee of return of extra means, he has added.
we will remind, Russia is not a member of the OPEC which structure includes 13 countries, official dialogue however carries on with the organisation. Last months cooperation has amplified, as both Russia, and the cartel countries are interested in the stable prices for oil.
Representatives of the countries entering into the OPEC, repeatedly sounded different forecasts under decisions which will be accepted at a meeting. In particular, the minister of oil of Saudi Arabia declared that any reduction of volumes of oil recovery will lead to increase of its cost. In favour of rise in prices Iran acts, insisting that in the world too much oil is extracted.
however, the American side repeatedly sent OPEC signals about importance of protection of world economy from a considerable rise in prices for oil. Giving reason for it that if the OPEC makes the decision to lower volumes of extraction of oil, it can have the most pitiable influence on attempts to support world economy.