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The dollar official rate to rouble has decreased for 5 copecks

the Auctions in the Russian currency market of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange have begun today with dollar exchange rate decrease in relation to national currency of the Russian Federation. A dollar official rate to the rouble, established by Bank of Russia since March, 16th 2010., has decreased for 5 copecks and has made 29,3353 rbl./ dollars
As of 12:20 Moscow time an average rate of dollar calculations tomorrow made 29,3294 rbl./ dollars the Minimum transactions on dollar 29,29 rbl./ dollars are made at level, maximum - 29,411 rbl./ dollars
the Uniform European currency has begun the auctions by growth in relation to rouble. However after some hours after the beginning of trading session the rouble managed to win back all losses. As of 12:20 Moscow time the average rate of euro calculations tomorrow made 40,3025 rbl./ euro that for 1 copeck below level of closing of the last trading day. The minimum transactions on euro are made at level 40,205 rbl./ euro, maximum - 40,3595 rbl./ euro.
the basket (0,55 dollars and 0,45 euros) also has begun Bivaljutnaja new week growth. However, now the basket bargains almost without changes in relation to level of closing of the end of last week. As of 12:20 Moscow time basket cost made 34,2503 rbl. whereas on closing of the auctions in the end of last week the basket bargained at level 34,2481 rbl.
As analysts " mark; Nomos - Bank the positive conjuncture external share and commodity - raw stock exchanges continues to promote inflow of the speculative capital and, accordingly, strengthening of national currency. In the end of last week the Bank of Russia has redeemed not less than 1,5 mlrd dollars, but despite it, cost bivaljutnoj baskets has fallen following the results of day for 8 copecks - to 34,25 rbl., experts speak.
today conditions on global platforms look not so safely, in particular the prices for oil have fallen again below 80 dollars/ barr. As one would expect, opening of positions in foreign currency became reaction of the Russian participants, and cost of a basket since the morning has grown up to 34,30 rbl. Obviously that today internal players will follow the lead of the western colleagues, expecting the publication of the data from Europe and the USA - analysts " have underlined; Nomos - Bank .