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Qatar and Iran ask the OPEC not to change oil extracting volumes

Qatar does not see necessity for change of quotas of oil extracting by the Organization of the countries - exporters of oil (OPEC) as the prices for oil remain at high level, even despite the superfluous offer.
the corresponding statement was made by the minister of petroleum industry of Qatar Abdulla al - Attijja in interview Reuters. The minister assumes that the cartel countries will leave official level of oil recovery without changes.
I do not think that (any changes will be made to oil extracting quotas), even in spite of the fact that now oil stocks are high. Instability of prices on oil - only one of many factors, capable to affect the OPEC decision on official level of oil extracting - the minister of petroleum industry of Qatar on the threshold of organisation session has declared.
earlier with a similar appeal the minister of petroleum industry of Iran has acted as Sejed Masud Mirkazemi. Acting on a press - the conference devoted to next anniversary of nationalisation of petroleum industry of the country, the minister has underlined that the world community should expect that the prices for oil remain at level 80 dollars/ barr. .
the Basic idea of Islamic republic Iran consists in to changing oil extracting level, and the cartel should not make the decision on change of volumes of extraction of oil, - has underlined M.Mirkazemi. - We expect that this year the average price of barrel of oil will make 80 dollars .
Next planned session of the OPEC will take place this week in the Austrian Vienna. During a meeting of the country of the organisation should make the decision on oil extracting quotas.
at the today`s auctions in the USA the prices for oil have exceeded a mark in 81 dollars/ barr. Meanwhile the main supplier of oil Saudi Arabia, the actual leader of cartel, asserted that fair cost of barrel of oil - both for suppliers, and for consumers - is in a range 70 - 80 dollars/ barr.
last year the OPEC in some rounds has reduced official level of extraction of cartel to 4,2 million barr./ put that has affected restoration of the world prices for oil. After that the OPEC already four consecutive times kept current levels of extraction.
at the moment the cartel countries are adjusted to observe the market more steadfastly. Demand for oil raises in Asia, but remains on a low level in other regions of the world. In an exit of economy from recession the developed countries show low demand for oil that compels suppliers of oil to struggle for an export share on the Chinese market.