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Mark Tsukerberg will meet I.Urgantom and D.Medvedev

the Founder of American company Facebook Mark Tsukerberg has arrived to Moscow where already has had time to have a dinner in McDonald`s near to Red Square and to be photographed against Vasily Blazhennogo`s cathedral.
on Monday, on October, 1st, the American billionaire in innograde Skolkovo will meet from premieres - minister Dmitry Medvedev, vitse - prime ministers Vladislav Surkovym and Arcady Dvorkovichem.
Politicians and the businessman will discuss interaction in the field of IT - technologies and perspective Russian startups then M.Tsukerberg, probably, will take part in the program Evening Urgant on the First channel write News referring to the employee of TV channel.
producers of the program Evening Urgant carry on negotiations with organizers of visit of Mark Tsukerberga to Moscow. But, as far as it is known, while definitive arrangements are not reached - he has shared the confidential information. However Ivan Urgant earlier conducting telecast has informed in the microblog that on October, 1st M.Tsukerberg will take part in a telecast.
to make comments on possibility of participation of M.Tsukerberga in I.Urgant`s transfer has refused. In edition the First channel also abstain from comments.
on the eve of M.Tsukerberga`s visit to the Russian mass-media there was an information that the businessman conducts aggressive campaign for recruitment of leading Russian programmers, promising them the best working conditions and immediate emigration in the USA.