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From the Russian market wait for jerk downwards

the External background to start the auctions in the Russian market on Monday, on October, 1st, is moderately negative. The auctions in the USA on Friday have ended with decrease.
on Monday futures for the American indexes bargain negatively, in Asia sellers dominate, and oil becomes cheaper. On this background the Russian market will renew a campaign downwards.
Macroeconomic the Share auctions in Europe on September, 28th 2012. Have come to the end with decrease in leading indexes against concern of investors concerning corporate profits and macroeconomic indicators. The anxiety round a situation in Spain which remained uncertain, has led to that current decrease in indexes for the week period has appeared the largest from the beginning of June of this year.
it is all concerns the Spanish crisis. The markets understand that we are not closer to rescue, than were yesterday - the senior trader of Spanish share company CM Capital Markets Predrag Dukich has commented on developed position.
the Share auctions in the USA on Friday, on September, 28th, have ended with decrease: index Dow Jones has given on 48,84 points (- 0,36 %), having reached 13437,13 points, index S &P - on 6,48 points (- 0,45 %), to 1440,67 points, NASDAQ - on 20,37 points (- 0,65 %), to 3116,23 points.
on the Asian share platforms sellers on October, 1st prevailed. By 08:00 Moscow time index Strates Times has given on 0,45 %, Nikkei 225 - on 1,15 %.
the Goods In September platinum has endured the strongest one-day falling since March after six-week strike on mine Marikana companies Lonmin in which course even there was a bloody massacre to workers, has come to the end, and workers have agreed on the improved repayment terms of work. Though further the situation, possibly, will gradually settle into shape, it nevertheless bears with itself risk of potential conflicts and requirements on other large platinum mines, the analyst believes. For last six weeks platinum has restored the most part of that has been lost for the last six months. Now the question consists in what part 300 - dollar rally will be liquidated after settlement of a situation with company Lonmin. By sight and the director of department of exchange products Saxo Bank of Ole Slota Hensena, not so it is a lot of strategist, and on that is some reasons. The most important is a communication of the price for platinum with other precious metals where the next weeks and months strengthening continuation is expected. Besides, as a result of strike and a stop of manufacture world surplus of the offer has essentially decreased, and there is a sensation that further it is required to consider in the price for platinum the certain award for risk, in view of its strong dependence on deliveries from Southern Africa. Also regular requirements about salary increase will occur and further. It will lead to decrease in profitableness of the extracting companies and can affect their investment plans, having threatened offer level, the analyst has concluded.
at 08:00 Moscow time on Monday futures for gold were on a mark 1767,83 dollars/ ounce (- 0,34 %), silver - 34,3 dollars/ ounce (- 0,82 %), platinum - 1650,8 dollars/ ounce (- 1,1 %), a palladium - 628,8 dollars/ ounce (- 1,87 %).
By 08:00 Moscow time on Monday the contract on oil of mark Brent was on a mark 111,55 dollars/ barr. (- 0,75 %), Light Sweet bargained at level 91,38 dollars/ barr. (- 0,88 %).
Forex For euro new month has begun with decrease. News leaving during days off in Europe could not support vivacity of spirit of the market.
a public debt of Spain in 2013. Will make 90,5 % of gross national product. In debts total amount are included 30 mlrd euro from planned earlier 100 mlrd euro which will go to the aid of a country financial system, transfers Reuters. We will notice that in 2012. The public debt made 85,3 % of gross national product.
the Ministry of Finance believes that in 2013. The government needs to let out bonds on 207,2 mlrd euro. In 2012. The government of premieres - minister Mariano Rahoja has let out promissory notes on 186,1 mlrd euro. The majority of promissory notes will be sredne - both long-term bonds and securities of the Ministry of Finance. However financial department of Spain considers release of bonds in other currencies at the rate to 6 mlrd euro.
against the future problems of Spain of euro has gone downwards. Last country in the centre of attention of financiers from every corner of the globe, and 95 % - j debt level to gross national product for this country unacceptable luxury. During week-end the Ministry of Finance has undersigned for that that within a year the government necessarily to address for the help to external creditors. And if budgetary deficiency and further will be same will go on debt re-structuring.
the share markets the Auctions in the Russian share market have come to the end with insignificant growth of the basic share indexes. Following the results of trading session the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 0,36 % - to 1458,26 points, and RTS index - on 0,15 %, to 1477,03 points. Volume of the auctions in the Russian stock market 397,9 mlrd rbl.
the Analyst of the company " today has exceeded; Aton Elena Kozhuhova notices that on the basic world platforms it was possible to observe raznonapravlennye moods. Day after growth at stock exchanges of the USA the day before has begun with the optimistical note, however on a course of the auctions of purchase in Europe without any unequivocal reasons have gradually come to naught, having replaced by negative dynamics of the basic indexes. If on September, 27th players were pleased with the publication of the project of the budget of Spain on 2013. And programs of reforms expectations of results stress - tests of the Spanish banks put pressure upon moods.
according to E.Kozhuhovoj, the European question in immediate prospects will continue to put pressure upon the markets - players will wait for the permission of a situation with delivery of the next tranche of means of Greece, and also news from Spain and Italy: the main intrigue consists in, whether the governments of the countries will address for the international support.
In the third quarter termination the Russian market has shown the forecast strong dinamku in a separation from a trend world stock exchanges. The bad mood could not convince domestic players of the USA and Europe to sell short. At the same time from the beginning of October such indicator as the size of actives under management, will lose importance, and the prices will start to react to an external conjuncture more adequately.
Elena Kozhuhova believes that current week the attention of players will be traditionally directed on macroeconomic events. So, in the USA it is the key report on a labour market condition in September of current year and the publication of reports of session of Federal reserve system, and in Europe - sessions of the European central bank and Bank of England. However, according to E.Kozhuhovoj, from them already hardly it is possible to expect any surprises.