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For January - June 2012. Russia has run into debt less, than (Central Banks) of the Russian Federation, for July, 1st 2012 thought

the External debt of the Russian Federation, according to the reconsidered data of the Central bank. Has made 572 mlrd 667 million dollars, having increased for first six months 2012. On 5 %. In July 2012. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation informed that an external debt of the Russian Federation for January - June 2012. Has grown on 7,3 % and for July, 1st 2012. Has made 585 mlrd 133 million dollars
According to the reconsidered data, an external debt of state bodies for July, 1st 2012. Has made 41 mlrd 133 million dollars (including a debt of the former USSR - 2 mlrd 315 million dollars and a new Russian debt - 38 mlrd 43 million dollars) Against 34 mlrd 688 million dollars on the beginning of year. Thus, for I half-year 2012. The debt of state bodies has grown on 18,6 %.
Debts of bodies monetary - credit regulation for July, 1st 2012. Has made 11 mlrd 232 million dollars against 11 mlrd 210 million dollars on the beginning of year (growth on 0,2 %).
the Debt of bank sector for I half-year 2012. Has grown on 7,7 % and for July, 1st 2012. Has made 175 mlrd 411 million dollars, the external debts of other sectors of economy have increased by 2,45 % - to 344 mlrd 891 million dollars
we Will remind also that in September 2012. Russia has agreed from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea about write-off of 90 % of a North Korean debt at a rate of 11 mlrd dollars. It is supposed that the debt rest can be used under the scheme a debt in exchange for the help that is the Russian Federation can acquire the right to invest in projects in an education sphere, public health services and power in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.