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V.Putin: To 2018. Russians will live for 4 years longer

In honour of Day of the elderly person marked on October, 1st the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has visited one of the Moscow boarding houses for veterans of work. At a meeting with veterans the president has discussed prospects of development of pension system, questions of improvement of quality of life of older persons, their medical maintenance, the organisation of rest and leisure, a social demand.
creation of worthy living conditions for the senior generation is very serious, multiplane problem, and for its decision it is necessary to unite efforts of authorities, business, the noncommercial organisations, volunteers, religious faiths. This work is not simply claimed by millions people in our country: it has special moral sense. How there lives the senior generation, it is possible to judge and efficiency of the state, and about a morale of the society - V.Putin has noted.
Present at a meeting vitse - the prime minister of the government of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets has noticed that is proud of that now lives in Russia over 4 million persons at the age of 80 years and is more senior. As she said, several years ago such long-livers in Russia was almost twice less. The increase in their number became, according to O.Golodets, result of essential changes in system of public health services and social service.
it is important that the approach to life of the elderly person today has changed, and people of advanced age bring an attention to the question not so much about social security, how many about their inclusiveness in society life - O.Golodets has told.
For January, 1st 2012. The total of the Russians who have retired in connection with achievement of pension age, has grown in Russia to 33 million persons. Thus, the pensioner on an old age now is every fifth Russian. And further the number of pensioners will grow in Russia.
in 2011. Average life expectancy in Russia has averaged 70,3 years: at men - 64,3 years, at women - 76,1 years. However in some years Russians, according to V.Putin, will live much longer.
to 2018. Expected life expectancy in Russia for all population should make not less than 74 years: at men - 68,9 years, at women - 79,6 years - the president has noted.
speaking about necessity to give more attention to problems of older persons, V.Putin has promised to allocate 350 million rbl. from reserve presidential fund for support of social establishments for elderly citizens.
as a whole across Russia about 600 buildings of stationary establishments for elderly citizens are in an emergency condition and demand major repairs. We count that the regional authorities will find means that citizens lived in worthy and civilised conditions. From its part, besides the means planned in the budget, we will give 350 million rbl. From reserve fund of the president is a half of its annual volume - V.Putin has told.
the president has charged to the Ministry of Labour and social development of the Russian Federation to present the offer on financing of concrete objects, and Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation - to prepare the project of the corresponding order. According to V.Putin, it is necessary to improve shape and a hardware of such social establishments, they should correspond to modern standards and to be accessible to citizens with the limited possibilities.
Besides, V.Putin has charged to the government to organise the extensive discussion of strategy of development of pension system to 2030., including with participation vitse - the prime ministers responsible for social problems and economy, and also with use of tools the Open government .
the Government has prepared strategy of development of pension system to 2030. As on me have reported, it has already arrived in Presidential Administration office. It is very important question from the economic and social points of view. The government should organise the extensive discussion necessarily. I and itself will familiarise with this document, it is necessary to plunge and work properly in it a problem from different directions - the president has told. We will remind that last week the businessman and the party leader the Civil platform Michael Prokhorov has declared that the third over the last ten years pension reform will not resolve the main contradiction which is put in the present legislation.
I mean dependence of the size of pension on productivity and results of work of the future pensioners. Today the highly skilled professional receives almost same pension, as well as the worker with ready smaller qualification, and sometimes and is less than it. I consider it as the serious problem constraining development of our country, modernisation of its economy. Trying to stop up a hole in the pension fund budget, officials want to return practically to levelling sobesovskoj to system. Now 6 % of fund of the payment which are not exceeding 512 thousand roubles year, are listed by the employer on a memory part of pension. That is hardly there is more than 30 thousand annually. Thus, if the worker earns one million, save up from it it can all same 30 thousand a year - M.Prokhorov has written in the blog.
according to the politician, uravnilovki in a pension question should not be and sooner or later it is necessary to refuse it.
thereupon I offer the decision which should become the compromise for market experts and supporters of conservative approaches to pension reform - M.Prokhorov wrote. A key to a solution of a problem he sees in that all sum of those insurance payments who receives to a half-million of roubles in a year, to list on formation of an insurance part of pension, instead of memory. But to all who earns more than 500 thousand rbl. a year, according to the leader the Civil platform it is necessary to grant the right from their consent to direct 10 % raised from salaries into their memory accounts.
according to the businessman, at such pension system people will aspire to work more and better, to raise the educational level and professionalism.