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M.Tsukerberg will not be to take out brains from the Russian Federation

Company Facebook will create the centre of researches and workings out in Russia. Such arrangements have been reached at a meeting of the prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and founder Facebook of Mark Tsukerberga, the Minister of Communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov who was present at this meeting writes in the blog in Twitter.
D.Medvedev has agreed from M.Tsukerbergom that it is more favourable to open the centre of researches and workings out Facebook in Russia - N.Nikiforov writes.
we will remind, on the eve of M.Tsukerberga`s arrival a member of working group on formation in Russia systems the Open government president IBS Group Anatoly Karachinsky has informed that to employees of leaders Russian IT - the companies the offer from party Facebook about work and " has arrived; immediate evacuation to America . And. Karachinsky named it frank operation on mass export of the Russian programmers.
it is probable, now - after centre Facebook creation in Russia - need in export of brains disappears.
as has informed journalists a press - the secretary of the prime minister Natalia Timakova, Facebook can work in Russia not only as a social network, but also as the company working over the advanced program workings out. Besides, within the limits of D.Medvedev and M.Tsukerberga`s meeting cooperation Facebook with " was discussed; Skolkovo as a place for startups, and also development of social networks in the world.
Dmitry Anatolevich (Medvedev. - Primech.) Has joked, having asked, whether correctly he understands that B.Obama will win, as at it in folloverah it is much more people, than at M.Romni - has told N.Timakova. On what M.Tsukerberg has noticed that when created Facebook, communicating with friends on university, did not assume that this network becomes the policy factor.
we will add that founder Facebook has presented to the head of the government a T-shirt with D.Medvedev`s address in a social network.