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Nazdratenko has interceded for fishermen

In the post card to Michael Kasyanov. It on Tuesday has extended a press - service of Primorski Krai. The head of edge has condemned antinational the policy of the state in the field of fishery also was offered by some advice, in which number - creation at once several funds of support and the state order for deliveries of fish for needs of various departments.
in the post card it is said that extortionate rates for using bioresources are simply very heavy for remunerative fishing economy. Stronger enterprises will be compelled to take credits and additional expenses will inevitably affect the cost price of let out production. Auctions in that kind in what they are offered by Goskomrybolovstvom of the Russian Federation, will inevitably lead to that our fish and seafood will leave to foreign users, on foreign, instead of the Russian processing enterprises. And it to us suggest to consider a state policy in fish branch? .
Rational offers of the governor basically are reduced to creation of several funds - the state support of the enterprises of a fish economy, leasing fund for updating of industrial fixed capital, and also - fishery fund. Besides, Evgenie Nazdratenko has advised to the government to renew system of the state order for deliveries rybnoproduktsii for needs of army, fleet and social sphere.