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Israel and Palestin: information war

In Israel the first results of the investigation spent by the authorities upon murder 12 - summer Palestinian Mohammed Ad - the Silly woman, the victim are published during armed conflicts between the Israeli soldiers and Palestinians in Gaza Strip. Completely to restore a tragedy picture, the Israeli experts have recreated on range of a position of the Israeli and Palestinian groups and have anew played collision. It has appeared that the boy and his father who has hidden behind the tank with concrete, were not visible from the nearest position of the Israeli soldiers which were in 80 - 100 metres from the tank. The group of the Palestinians who are in 20 metres from this place could see them only. If to trust the Israeli experts, Mohammed has got under the heavy fire opened in a direction where it disappeared. However from the Israeli party only one soldier there shot.
we will remind that the child was lost in the end of September. His death managed to be filmed, which has bypassed practically the whole world. After a week the Israeli military men actually recognised, what exactly they are guilty in this incident. The Palestinian party is revolted by attempts of Israel to decline all responsibility for death “ the small martyr “. Israel in turn demands to investigate other, not less bloody incident. After some days after  destruction of the boy Palestinians in Gaza have brutally killed three Israelis. And these shots also managed to be received to journalists. Now Palestinians are going to prove that their people are not guilty in this incident and have invited for this purpose foreign experts.