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The bridge - Bank nevertheless have fined

Today Arbitration court of Moscow has satisfied Open Company claim Gazprominvestholding about collecting about the Bridge - Bank of 2,3 million dollars.
on January, 19th 2000. Gazprominvestholding has concluded with bank the contract on it is settlement - cash service. In connection with default of obligations under the contract on September, 22nd, 2000 the statement for contract cancellation has been sent to the Bridge - Bank. However the bank has considered that the statement is signed by the unauthorized person. The given document has been signed by the first deputy of the director of holding, and the bank believes that the signature of directly head " is necessary; Gazprominvestholdinga .
Thus, the bank has refused to terminate the contract and now the account Gazprominvestholdinga in bank it is not closed. From its part, having counted the contract terminated, Gazprominvestholding Has addressed in Arbitration court of Moscow with the claim to the Bridge - to bank about collecting of 2,3 million dollars which remained on bank accounts. Under the petition of the representative the Bridge - Bank, business obeyed in the closed mode. The court has passed the decision not in advantage the Bridge . However the given decision can be still appealed against in appeal instance within 30 days.