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The Kremlin has a list objectionable governors ?

Anyway so believes vitse - the speaker of the State Duma, the co-chairman of incorporated political council of Union of Right Forces and the Apple Irina Khakamada. She has declared it on Wednesday on a press - conferences. As she said, drawing up of lists loyal and disloyal to the Kremlin governors is spent with strategic calculation within the limits of preparation for following presidential elections. certainly, worthy competitor to Putin now is not present and in the near future, most likely, will not appear, but the Kremlin can feel quiet, only having secured with complete support of governors - I.Khakamada considers.
at the same time she has stated doubts that the intrigue round Alexander Rutsky is connected with this list, as Rutsky - not that person who will stand rigidly and consistently in power opposition . In its opinion, Unethical removal Rutsky from registration, most likely, is connected with presence at it opponents in Kursk area . Irina Khakamada believes that even if the list objectionable to the Kremlin governors exists, for certain in it there is uniform method of elimination disloyal to the Kremlin no regional leaders, and each time it will become on - new . Khakamada has excluded possibility of that the supported Union of Right Forces and the Apple the candidate on a post of the head of administration of the Ryazan region Michael Malakhov can be the protege of the Kremlin.