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Israel calls reservists

Israel begins mobilisation of reservists in connection with position deterioration on the West Bank of Jordan and in Gaza Strip. One thousand reservists is already called, and since December all reservists will be mobilised for performance of duty around a situation aggravation between Israelis and Arabs. As the high-ranking official of the Ministry of Defence has informed, groups of reservists will replace active armed forces in Gaza Strip and on the West Bank of Jordan. Reservists will serve from 24 till 36 days in a year. It is necessary to notice that earlier the appeal of reservists was carried out exclusively during military conflicts. According to the source, at present it is necessary to be ready to full-scale escalation of the conflict. We will remind that armed forces of Israel make 186 thousand 500 soldiers, in a reserve are 445 thousand persons.
On Wednesday the Israeli and Palestinian heads for the first time for one and a half month have made an attempt to organise bilateral summit. It was expected that negotiations will pass in Bethlehem on Wednesday late at night but while information on a meeting did not arrive.
in the meantime against all worsening conditions in Near-Eastern region the international intermediaries try to make though something if not for returning of the parties to a negotiating table, then in order to avoid the further complication of relations. German chancellor Gerhard Schroder has warned on Wednesday Palestinian rukodstvo against unilateral declaration of the independent state. As he said, in case of realisation of this plan between Israel and Palestin there will be a further escalation of violence. With this statement the German chancellor has acted on a press - conferences in Gaza after negotiations with the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.
Meanwhile for 35 days of collisions in the Palestinian territories 153 persons, basically, Arabs already were lost. Only for Wednesday 5 Palestinians have been killed and 6 soldiers of the Israeli army are wounded.