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The member has gone to financial investigation a Petersburg command the president

Vitse - the prime minister of the government of the Russian Federation, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin has commented on the decree of the president of the country of Vladimir Putin about creation at the Ministry of Finance of committee of financial monitoring.
answering a question, the head of the Ministry of Finance has noticed that the new committee in ministry structure will execute functions in full conformity with the law on counteraction to legalisation (washing up) of the incomes, received illegal a way.
the committee of financial monitoring, according to the signed decree, will be the independent state enterprise structurally entering into system of the Ministry of Finance by analogy to Gohranom. Committee, long before its creation received the informal name financial investigation Victor Zubkov earlier fulfilling duties of the deputy minister under taxes and tax collections of the Russian Federation will head.
the Project of the document on creation of committee of financial monitoring has been prepared more than month back by the Ministry of Finance of Russia. Vladimir Putin has brought one change which has raised the status of the head of new state structure from level of the assistant to level of the first deputy of the Minister of Finance in the project of the decree offered it.
thus, headed KFM Victor Zubkov became also the first deputy of the head of the Ministry of Finance. It is possible to consider Zubkov as one of members a Petersburg command the present head of the state. In 90 - h years it worked in committee on external relations of the mayoralty of St.-Petersburg which then was headed by Vladimir Putin. Into the same command, by the way, enters and vitse - the prime minister, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, also the native of Petersburg. According to a source in power structures, in due time, after Zubkov`s appointment to a post of the head of territorial administration of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection across Petersburg, Kudrin has suggested it to combine this post with duties of the deputy minister under taxes and tax collections. Now they will struggle together with legalisation dirty incomes.
we will remind, Vladimir Putin declared earlier that creation financial investigation does not mean attempt to put legal business in rigid frameworks, and, on the contrary, will allow legal business to feel comfortably also it is protected . According to the president, we should not be afraid of tools which do business transparent for the state .