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The US dollar has decreased in relation to world currencies

Easing of economy of the United States was reflected in a dollar exchange rate in relation to other basic world currencies. At last auctions in New York the euro exchange rate has risen to level 89,65 cents/ euro in comparison with 88,91 cents/ euro on November, 29th. Dollar quotations have fallen and in relation to Japanese yen - from 123,73 yens to 123,20 yens.
exchange rates of 12 states of Europe which since January, 1st of next year will pass to use of cash euro, are rigidly adhered to a course of uniform European currency. According to it at the auctions on November, 30th for 1 dollar gave 2,1832 DM, 7,3222 French francs and 2 thousand 159,81 Italian liras.
on a dollar course change considerable influence was rendered published by the Ministry of Trade of the USA by the information on considerable decrease in volume of gross national product of the country in III quarter of current year - on 1,1 %. This largest quarterly falling of this indicator over the last 10 years. In I quarter 1991. The American gross national product has decreased on 2 %. Falling of volume of gross national product of the USA in III quarter reflects sharp reduction of consumer expenses in the country and proceeding recession of investments into means of production and the basic actives, strengthened by acts of terrorism on September, 11th.