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M.Kasyanov: we will not have problems if oil falls to $12

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation M.Kasyanov has assured today of conversation with journalists, what even at the price 12 doll for oil barrel should not arise problems with budget execution, with performance of obligations of the Russian Federation on an external debt. certainly, we do not prepare for such sharp fall of the price, but to expect it are obliged - the prime minister has told.
it is necessary to notice that the prime minister - the minister in the middle of the next week will hold a new meeting with heads 8 - 9 largest oil companies of the country which carry out 95 % of export of oil. In conversation with journalists he has informed that at this meeting the consolidated opinion on volumes of extraction and oil export on the first quarter 2002 and preliminary on the second quarter for the purpose of stabilisation of the world prices for oil " should be formulated;.
the Prime minister - the minister has noticed that as the fair price for oil on - former considers 20 - 25 doll for barrel. we know, concern in reduction of prices at other manufacturers, and taking into account our obligations and positioning in the world, we will make the decision . He has added that in Russia, unlike the OPEC, decisions on export and oil recovery volumes are accepted not in concrete dates, and quarterly, from these positions Russia will proceed in the course of the further negotiations both from the OPEC, and with other countries - suppliers of oil on the world market .