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The dollar gives in to rouble and the euro

the Average rate of the American currency on a today`s special session calculations for tomorrow (tomorrow) at 11:30 Moscow time has made 29,70 rbl./ dollars Thus, the official rate of currency of the USA as of December, 2nd has decreased for 4 copeck the Present quotation of dollar has coincided with an indicator fixed on November, 3rd 2001., i.e. already 25 months ago.
we Will remind that the maximum value on size of the American currency - 31,88 rbl./ dollars, has been reached on January, 9th 2003. From now on has passed less than 11 months, and the Russian currency has become stronger for the specified term already on 7,3 %. Accordingly, the currency of the USA for the given period has gone down in price for 2 rbl. 18 copeck
Analysts also mark proceeding easing of the American dollar and in relation to euro. For today the parity between the European currency and currency of the USA makes 1,20 dollars For euro whereas the last working days, on November, 28th, 1,1930 dollars paid for 1 euro Thus, for short term the American currency has lost in the price to euro at the international stock exchanges of 0,6 %.
According to analysts, in a present situation have resulted some reasons. In - the first, within several years import of the goods and services to the USA prevailed over export. It has played a role of the weakening factor. Traders believe that a policy cheap dollar George Bush tries to stimulate export and, thereby, growth of the American economy.
as other reason of analytics name low level of discount rate. As a result investors of more attention turn on those countries, where discount rate above. Important role, according to analysts, has played and growing deficiency of the American budget which forces to doubt stability of dollar in long-term prospect, and also compels the USA to increase the size of foreign loans to satisfy requirements for import.
according to analysts, it is impossible to eliminate as the factors defining an US dollar exchange rate, and a situation in Iraq. In the currency market the opinion dominates that the dollar would lose to get even more if the separate countries did not manipulate their currency price advantage over the American goods in the international market.
on the basis of all it analysts predict that throughout several next years the dollar will lose in the price 10 more - 20 %. Thus experts consider that the dollar will become cheaper more likely in relation to the Asian currencies, rather than to euro.