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A.Chubays: “ YUKOS Business “ the YUKOS definitely will lead to flowing off of capital from the Russian Federation

Events round the oil company will make negative impact on a situation with outflow and inflow of the capital to the Russian Federation. It has declared today on a press - conferences the head of board of the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ Anatoly Chubays.
as he said, the question on YUKOS was put today at session “ a round table “ industrialists of Russia and the European Union. “ it seemed to me important that question statement became more fundamental. In reports of participants it was noticed that the basic investment risks in Russia are problems of the property right and leadership of the law “ - A.Chubays has noted.
at the same time the head of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ has underlined that it is for the present difficult to judge how following the results of a year there will be a situation with outflow and capital inflow. To do conclusions it will be possible after January, 1st 2004ã., when the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will publish the corresponding data.
we Will notice that according to recently published data of Goskomstat of the Russian Federation, as of the end of September 2003ã. The saved up foreign capital in economy of Russia has made 53 billion 600 million dollars that on 34,7 % more than a similar indicator 2002ã. So, in January - September 2003ã. Has arrived foreign investments 20 mlrd 899 million dollars that in 1,6 times more than in January - September 2002ã. From them direct investments for January - September 2003ã. Has arrived for the sum 4 mlrd 665 million dollars (on 77,3 % more than in January - September 2002ã.) portfelnyh investments has arrived 81 million dollars (on 63,9 % less), other investments - 16 mlrd 153 million dollars (on 60,7 % it is more).
Meanwhile, in opinion vitse - prime minister Victor Khristenko, in short-term prospect similar situations - whether it be Enron or any other company - influence the market. However in long-term prospect for a year - two “ all comes back “.
As he said, legal incompleteness in YUKOS business creates nervousness in the Russian stock market. Thus he has added that such events cannot remain the market not noticed. At the same time, vitse - the prime minister has underlined that the faster the parties will finish debate and will come to the legal decision in a judicial order, the it will be easier to the market.