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L.Kuchma is disturbed by possible crisis in national economy

the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma has demanded from ministers to provide state ability to live. With such appeal the head of the Ukrainian state has acted during meeting on a current economic situation with representatives of the government in sanatorium Koncha - Zaspa . the Problem of the ministries - to provide state ability to live, anybody did not remove it from you - L.Kuchma has underlined.
as he said, now it is necessary to search possible and impossible, nonconventional decisions not to admit a collapse .
the President has noticed that in October growth of gross national product of Ukraine has made 7,6 %, having cut by half in comparison with gross national product growth in August. we have already well felt election campaign consequences - L.Kuchma has underlined. In particular, the foreign companies have started to refuse the orders, transferring them for later term. Besides, state budget filling has decreased: daily receipts in the budget were reduced in 2,3 times, the head of the Ukrainian state has noted. In this connection L.Kuchma sees serious threat as to the budget 2004., and to the budget of the next year. Are reduced it is export - import operations that is direct threat for payments of salaries to state employees and pensioners the president has explained. for December still will be, and is a question " further; - L.Kuchma has added. The president also has paid attention to instability in power sphere. considering the winter period, this question can become very sharp - the head of the Ukrainian state believes. the further we will politically tighten - legal crisis, the losses in economy will become more and more, and it can become the precondition of irreversibility of processes - L.Kuchma has specified.
the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Economics took part In meeting and concerning the European integration, fuel and power, the head of the state tax administration, the head of the state customs service, the chairman of the national joint-stock company Petrogas of Ukraine the head of the Office of the President.
we will remind, yesterday the National bank of Ukraine has entered rigid restrictions on sale of currency and reception of money through cash dispenses. Managements NBU has informed that these measures have a temporality and will last all month. Since yesterday and till the end of this year it is authorised to citizens of Ukraine to buy no more than 1000 dollars and to remove from plastic cards in day of no more one and a half thousand grivnas. The threshold in 80 thousand grivnas ($15,09 thousand) a month for removal by legal bodies from accounts of available funds is established. Also preschedule payment from bank contributions is forbidden.
Meanwhile, according to a number of experts, in connection with last political events the bank system of Ukraine is before threat of mass withdrawals of contributions of the population therefore many banks in Ukraine can appear in an emergency. After political crisis in Ukraine crisis economic can come. According to the head of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov, budget incomes have decreased in connection with political crisis, and the situation can be corrected only in case of stabilisation, and especially it is necessary to be afraid of refusal of regions of transfer of incomes in the state budget. In a present situation it is difficult to cabinet to carry out of the budgetary obligations. So, currently receipts in the budget from foreign trade activities have decreased approximately on 4 million dollars N.Azarov has underlined that it is necessary to accept urgently the state budget on 2005.
Besides, yesterday the international rating agency Standard and Poor`s has declared that in the conditions of continuation and political crisis escalation the bank system of the country is in Ukraine under the threat of destabilization.