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Moody`s Has lowered the forecast on ratings of Ukraine

the International rating agency Moody`s Investors Service today has made decision to change the forecast on a limiting rating of obligations of Ukraine in foreign currency (1) with positive on developing informs Moody`s.
Besides, the agency has placed a limiting rating of the Ukrainian bank deposits in foreign currency (2) in the list on revision towards fall. The forecast on a rating of the state Ukrainian bonds in national currency (1) also is changed with positive on developing . As have noted in Moody`s, such decisions have been accepted in connection with ambiguous results of presidential election in Ukraine.
in the agency message also it is noticed that developing The forecast reflects such instability of a political situation in Ukraine at which the rating of obligations at level 1 can both to go down, and to raise, depending on how political crisis will be resolved.
Aspiring to keep gold and exchange currency reserves, financial bodies of Ukraine have started to enter new restrictions on withdrawal of deposits, informs Moody`s. Thus, revision of limiting value of a rating of bank deposits in foreign currency will depend on situation development in this area. The agency will watch a situation in Ukraine to find out, whether similar actions can lead to such increase in risk concerning bank deposits which will exceed the risk corresponding to a limiting rating of bank deposits in foreign currency at level 2.
Today the Supreme Rada has failed to trust the government. In this connection the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma has held meeting with ministers. At meeting the president has noticed that in October growth of gross national product of Ukraine has made 7,6 %, having cut by half in comparison with gross national product growth in August. we have already well felt election campaign consequences - L.Kuchma has underlined.
in particular, the foreign companies have started to refuse the orders, transferring them for later term. State budget filling Besides, has decreased: daily receipts in the budget were reduced in 2,3 times, the head of the Ukrainian state has noted. In this connection L.Kuchma sees serious threat as to the budget 2004., and to the budget of the next year. Are reduced it is export - import operations that is direct threat for payments of salaries to state employees and pensioners the president has explained. for December still will be, and is a question " further; - L.Kuchma has added. The president also has paid attention to instability in power sphere. Considering the winter period, this question can become very sharp - the head of the Ukrainian state believes. the further we will politically tighten - legal crisis, the losses in economy will become more and more, and it can become the precondition of irreversibility of processes - L.Kuchma has specified.

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