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The National award in housing and communal services sphere

In Minpromenergo is founded there has passed presentation of the National award the Russian Municipal Standard . As the initiator of creation of the award the company " has acted; the Russian municipal systems . Its organisation was supported by the Ministry of the industry and power of the Russian Federation and Trading - industrial chamber (TPP).
As president TPP has declared the Russian Federation E.Primakov, in transition to new forms and managing methods in housing - it is necessary for municipal sphere to lift the Russian business culture on qualitatively new level . In its opinion, the new branch award will serve as the proof of investment appeal of housing and communal services.
till March, 1st, 2005 the executive management of the award accepts application forms for participation in competition as from the enterprises and the organisations housing - municipal branch, and from the municipal unions interested in qualitative transformation of branch. The management of the award intends to direct 2,5 thousand direct invitations to participation in competition to heads of the enterprises of housing and communal services of all subjects of federation.
the structure of national jury of the award will include representatives of its organizers - Assistant Secretaries of the industry and power S.Naumov and L.Tchernyshov, the chairman of committee TPP of the Russian Federation on business in sphere of building and housing - E.Basin`s municipal services, the chairman of board of directors of Open Society RKS M.Abyzov. Making of the decision on the participation in jury structure, M.Abyzov has noticed that the given award will help not only to generate the new standard of utilities, but also will stimulate introduction of this standard on all our country . As the partner of the award regarding examination the Fund " acts; city economy Institute .
According to Rosstroja, in branch now functions more than 52 thousand enterprises on which works more than 4 million persons. Best of them in May, 2005 will be noted by the award the Russian Municipal Standard on 10 nominations, united in three basic lexical sets: for the enterprises and the municipal services organisations; for governing bodies of territories; for workers of municipal services and allied industries. Including a number of the enterprises, the organisations and authorities will be noted by the award the Russian Municipal Standard for the best project in the field of development of a municipal infrastructure.
at solemn ceremony of delivery of the award in nominations the figurine " will be handed over to winners; the Gold yard keeper symbolising everyday work of workers of municipal sphere and the diploma. Head Minpromenergo V.Hristenko has expressed confidence that the Russian Municipal Standard Will serve closer and productive interaction of authorities and local government, the enterprises of housing and communal services, consumers of utilities, to the decision of the responsible facing branch it is industrial - economic and social problems .