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MERT can raise the forecast on inflation on 2008 - 2009.

MERT can raise the forecast on inflation on 2008 - 2009. In connection with revision of tariffs for gas not less than on 0,3 percentage points. The director of summary department of macroeconomic forecasting MERT today has informed on it to journalists the Russian Federation Andrey Klepach.
Perhaps, we will raise the forecast on 0,3 - 0,5 percentage points and more on 2008 - 2009. - has declared A.Klepach. As he said, it is connected with revision of the plan of change of tariffs for energy carriers since 2008., in connection with which the mechanism of liberalisation of the market of the electric power also will change. it will set essentially bolshy a rate of inflation in sphere housing - municipal services and is considerable bolshy level of costs in industrial sector - considers A.Klepach.
Revision of tariffs for energy carriers, according to the official, also raises risk of delay of rates of increase of profit and investments in power-intensive branches.
according to the deputy director of department of state regulation of tariffs and infrastructural reforms MERT the Russian Federation Evgenie Mihajlova, the schedule of increase of tariffs for energy carriers is not developed yet and concrete figures on 2008 - 2011. While is not present. Thus it is known that parametres 2007. Remained without changes: tariffs for gas will be raised on 15 %
we Will remind that at present forecast MERT the Russian Federation on inflation on 2007. Makes 6,5 - 8 %, on 2008. - 4,5 - 6 %, on 2009. - 4 - 5,5 %.