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FAS will estimate efficiency of participation of the state in financial sector

Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) Russia will estimate efficiency of participation of the state in financial sector. The assistant to head FAS Andrey Kashevarov has informed on it today, representing the project on competition development in the Russian financial sector by reduction of participation of the state in the capital of banks.
the given project is realised by the Ministry of Economics and the finance of Italy with support of antimonopoly department of Italy, Bank of Italy and company Studiare Sviluppo srl. Project financing is carried out by the European union (EU). The project during 2007 will be realised., the project budget makes 600 thousand euro.
according to A.Kashevarova, the project purpose - to investigate efficiency of participation of the state capital in the capital of the financial organisations, influence of the given participation on a competition in the market of bank services. Experts from Italy and other EU countries will work in Moscow and other regions of Russia together with FAS, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and trade, the Central Bank and FSFR. By results of the given researches the concept in which experts will estimate efficiency of privatisation of banks in Russia, " will be prepared; in what it will result and also will make the plan of action, has noted zamglavy FAS.
We are not going to make the offer in the government on privatisation of this or that sector of financial services, now our problem - to estimate - A.Kashevarov has told. As he said, by results of research it will be already possible to speak about expediency of entering of any offers in the government. Zamglavy FAS also has informed that the estimation of results of the given project will be given by the Ministry of Finance, Federal Agency of the financial markets, Rosstrahnadzor and the Central Bank.
the Official also has informed that considers proved privatisation of banks from shares of participation of the state less than 25 %. I do not see special efficiency in possession of the state in banks with shares less than 25 %. It not the basic and inefficient way of use of budgetary funds - A.Kashevarov has told.
as he said, from 1238 existing in Russia now banks the state has a share in 213. Among them - 21 bank from shares of the state more than 25 % and 27 banks from shares more than 50 %. In the others state participation makes less than 25 %.
A.Kashevarov has called to reflect, what to do with banks, where a share of the state more than 25 % . As he said, the state participates in such banks both on federal, and on subfederal levels, and many banks are backbone. In this connection, considers zamglavy FAS, the approach to possibility of their privatisation should be weighed. So, in its opinion, it is necessary to define strategic directions socially - economic development of Russia, for which realisation participation of the state in banks expediently. In particular, he has noted problems of crediting of small-scale business. if the state makes decision to participate in the capital of banks which support small-scale business it will be justified - he has told.
A.Kashevarov believes expedient participation of the state in banks in those regions where the private capital does not go from economic reasons. Thus he has underlined that it will be legislatively necessary to fix functions which can execute banks with state participation that they did not leave in that part of financial sector where the private capital successfully works.