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Azerbaijan can stop oil transportation through the Russian Federation

Azerbaijan intends to reduce volumes of Russia transported on territory of oil, the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has declared. Azerbaijan can reduce oil deliveries on a route of Baku - Novorossisk. We can consider also a question on a prorolling suspension - I.Aliev has noted, acting at government session on power questions.
such decision of the authorities of Azerbaijan is connected with Open Society plans Gazprom to reduce in 2007. Gas deliveries in this country with 4,5 to 1,5 mlrd cubic m.
As were noted by I.Aliev, by means of reduction of deliveries of oil which are carried out on the oil pipeline of Baku - Novorossisk, oil refining factories of Azerbaijan can increase development of black oil for power stations. It will allow to avoid an energy crisis which can arise in connection with reduction of deliveries of gas from Russia.
in 2005. Azerbaijan transported through Russia more than 4,1 million tons of oil, informs () Reuters.
we Will add also that Azerbaijan has agreed with Russia concerning electric power deliveries up to the end 2006. Without change of conditions. Interaction questions in 2007. Will be considered in the near future in Baku.
in 2007. Azerbaijan intends to get in Russia of 700 million in kw/ ch the electric power. In total during 2005. From Russia to Azerbaijan it has been put from above 1 mlrd kw/ ch to the electric power. Deliveries were carried out at the price in 2,8 cents for 1 kw/ ch.