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U.Chavez threatens with the termination of deliveries of oil in the USA

the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez on the threshold of referendum carrying out has acted with new threats, in particular, declared possible rupture of relations with Spain and the termination of deliveries of oil in the USA, informs Reuters.
U.Chavez has declared that will roll deliveries of oil from the USA if Washington tries to destabilise a political situation in Venezuela following the results of a referendum. U.Chavez also has given the order to military men and workers of the oil enterprises to strengthen protection of oil objects for the purpose of a sabotage non-admission.
if the majority votes positively, and the Venezuelan oligarchs will resort to violence, declaring infringements, the minister of oil Raphael Ramires will stop on December, 3rd shipment of oil to the USA - U.Chavez has declared.
the Referendum concerning changes of the constitution of Venezuela which, in particular, assume increase in term of presidential powers with 6 till 7 years and cancellation of restriction on participation in elections of one person, there will pass in December of this year Reform provides introduction of the six-hour working day, and also expansion of powers of the government on ekspropriatsii a private property.
U.Chavez has declared also that intends to break off diplomatic relations with Spain if the Spanish king Juan Carlos does not apologise for the words. if it does not happen, I do not want to have any affairs with Spain - U.Chavez has told, acting on meeting of the supporters.
we will remind, the conflict between the king of Spain and the president of Venezuela has inflamed after on November, 11th of this year king Juan Carlos during the summit in Santiago has advised to U.Chavez to shut up in reply to attempt of the president to interrupt speech of the Spanish prime minister.
Besides, in November of this year U.Chavez has broken off relations with Colombia. The president of this country A.Uribe has accused U.Chavez of protection of interests of insurgent grouping Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC).
In turn the head of Venezuela has accused the president of Colombia in service of interests of Washington also has declared that while in power there is A.Uribe, contacts between two countries are impossible.