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Russia has raised the export tax on oil

the Rate of the export customs duties on crude oil in Russia from now on raises to 275,4 dollars for ton.
the corresponding decision about the statement of rates of the export customs duties on oil crude and on separate categories of the goods developed from oil, was signed on November, 13th of this year by the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Victor Zubkov, and on November, 15th the document has been published in to the Russian newspaper .
According to the decision since December, 1st 2007. The rate of the export duty for light oil products (lungs and average distillates, gasoils), and also on benzene, toluene, the prosir, butane, etilen, propylene, butylene, butadien and other szhizhennye gases is established at a rate of 197,8 dollars/ t. The rate on dark oil products (liquid fuel, oils and the fulfilled oil products), and also on the rests from oil refining or oil products, including on oil coke and bitumen, - at a rate of 106,6 dollars/ t.
Since October, 1st 2007. In Russia the size of the export duty on oil in 250,3 dollars/ t operated. The export duty on light oil products made till today 181 dollars/ t, on dark - 97,5 dollars/ t.
we Will remind, in September - October, and also in the beginning of November 2007. Practically in all regions Russian Federations the essential rise in prices for oil products was observed. Deputies of the State Duma in this connection have addressed to the prime minister - to the minister of the Russian Federation Victor Zubkov with the request to take measures on stabilisation of a situation with a rise in prices in home market of oil products.
at the same time Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) the Russian Federation has informed that at the desire of independent participants of the market of oil products will request of the largest oil companies the information on sale structure. FAS already addressed to the oil companies in connection with a September rise in prices for the oil products, especially essential in the Central region of Russia.
at first sight, a situation market: Jump of the prices has occurred against expectation of growth of the export duty (export volumes have grown that was reflected in home market saturation), plus planned repairs at oil refining factories, mark en face. However in department do not exclude that the rise in prices can be connected with unfair behaviour of petrotraders .