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Dollar rise in price will proceed and in 2009.

dollar Growth, most likely, will proceed and in 2009., as investors still invest the capital in the American actives and spend billions dollars for acquisition of the American state securities, transfers Reuters.
Certainly, sooner or later inflow of the capital to the USA will start to decrease. However in the terminations of dollar rally nearest some months it is not necessary to expect, participants of the market believe.
at present the destiny of dollar entirely depends on prospects of the further development of world economy. While the largest developed and developing countries endure recession, investors will put all means in the American currency. Naturally, the aggressive policy of Federal reserve system (FRS) will fatally affect a dollar exchange rate but while the American actives seem to investors the most attractive.
By estimations of analysts Swiss UBS, the share of foreign actives in the American investment funds has made on the end of October of 22,5 %. For comparison: several months ago this indicator made about 26 %. the Volume of investments into foreign actives decreases record-breaking fast rates. I think, while there are all preconditions for the further growth of dollar - leading currency strategist UBS of Mansur Mohiuddin marks.
Echoes the expert and currency strategist Citigroup Michael Heart. As he said, for last three years the American investors have enclosed in foreign actives of an order 1 trln dollars, now they have gradually started to return this money home. At present Americans return the capital home. I think, this inflow of means to the USA while will promote dollar rise in price - M.Heart speaks.
in the meantime for last 4,5 months the dollar has grown up already on 17 % in relation to a basket of world currencies. Thus dollar exchange rate growth has amplified after bankruptcy Lehman Brothers in September of this year as investors worldwide began to buy up the American currency. According to a Treasury Department of the US, in September investors have enclosed in the American securities record 143,3 mlrd dollars
The role also weakness of emerging markets has played: against growth of fears of aggravation of recession of world economy the majority of investors have preferred to take away the capital from the markets of the developing states. And while uncertainty concerning the further future of a world financial system remains, interest to dollar will grow, experts speak. we think, in the nearest some months investors will try to insure the capital that will lead to the further rise in price of dollar and yen. Quite probably that soon the euro exchange rate will fall to a mark 1,15 dollars - currency strategist Standard Bank Steve Barrou considers.
we Will remind that at the auctions on Friday the dollar exchange rate has slightly gone down, as threat of long recession in world economy strengthens appeal of yen as the stablest in the currency world.
events also have affected a dollar exchange rate in Mumbai: in financial capital of India as a result of capture of hostages by insurgents were lost more than 100 persons. Attacks of insurgents (presumably, from the largest Islamic groupings) has reminded investors of events in the United States on September, 11th 2001. Also has revived fears of an aggravation of geopolitical intensity. As a result to end of the auctions the euro exchange rate has slightly grown up in relation to dollar - to 1,2926 dollars