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FAS the Russian Federation: the Oil companies specially price out

the Oil companies in Russia meaningly hold inflated prices of oil products, getting additional illegal profit. The head of Federal antimonopoly service has informed on it (FAS) today Russia Igor Artemyev, acting at cabinet council of ministers.
as he said, today demand for oil products has fallen because the winter, all stocks have been made in the autumn . In this connection, as he said, the prices for oil products should decrease, as it is impossible to speak about essential jumps of the prices (on oil products) in foreign markets . And the price does not decrease - head FAS ascertained.
According to Rosstata as I.Artemyev has informed, for the last some months reduction of prices on oil products has at retail made an order of 0,1 %. This fact says that the oil companies meaningly overestimate these prices, as Demand in this sphere is not elastic he has underlined. I.Artemyev also has added what to collect from them illegal additional profit was an uneasy problem, however FAS in it is engaged.
according to I.Artemyev, FAS by March, 1st 2005. Intend to introduce in the government the separate bill directed on increase of penal sanctions concerning the companies, breaking the antimonopoly law. He has noticed that this bill is necessary, that the state could influence economy and introduce in it qualitative changes.
I.Artemyev has underlined necessity of rigid sanctions concerning the companies roughly breaking the antimonopoly law. He has informed that now antimonopoly bodies have legal proceedings with infringers of the antimonopoly law during 1, - 1,5 years, and as a result the maximum penalty which they can impose, makes about 15 thousand dollars The companies simply include this money in the financial plan and go further, continuing to break the antimonopoly law every day - head FAS has underlined. I.Artemyev has noticed that two most dangerous infringements are abusing a leading position in the market and creation of cartels.
also head FAS has declared that considers that antimonopoly control should be carried out basically behind the large companies and natural monopolies. we do not want to supervise small and average business . Thereupon I.Artemyev has reminded that the bill About competition protection developed FAS, suggests to increase a threshold of total balance cost of actives of the companies, at which organisation should notify antimonopoly bodies on the merge. I.Artemev has informed that this threshold increases in 150 times - from 20 million rbl. to 3 mlrd rbl.
In summary we will notice that the government of the Russian Federation as a whole has approved today measures on antimonopoly law perfection. Including the bill About competition protection .