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China: We did not finance purchase Yuganskneftegaz

China did not give the Russian oil company Rosneft any credits for share purchase in Yuganskneftegaz - the representative has declared today at a briefing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China to Kun Tsjuan.
He has refused to confirm the offer fact China 6 mlrd dollars as credits of Russia, transfers Reuters. We will remind, on the eve of Open Society NK Rosneft has confirmed the fact of the arrangement with the Chinese party about deliveries in the Peoples Republic of China oil in volume of 48,4 million tons for the period to 2010. Inclusive on the terms of an advance payment which sum makes 6 mlrd dollars
As 76,79 % of actions of Open Society " were informed earlier; Yuganskneftegaz exposed on sale for debts of the parent company YUKOS Open Companies " have been got; Bajkalfinansgrup on December, 19th 2004. At Russian Federal Property Fund auction for 9,35 mlrd dollars Then Open Company Bajkalfinansgrup It has been got Rosneft thus the sum of transaction was not disclosed.
the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on January, 31st 2005. Has published the report of information, according to which loans of bodies of the state power in December 2004. Have made nearby 10 mlrd dollars the Head of the Ministry of Finance A.Kudrin on February, 1st, answering a question on the purposes of so large loans, has told that, on - visible, it includes loans of Foreign trade and investment bank at the Chinese banks on the crediting purpose Rosneft . The statement of the head of Federal agency on Sergey Oganesyan`s power that " A bit earlier has sounded; Rosneft has paid purchase Yuganskneftegaz at the expense of the credits received at the Russian banks, and also at the expense of advance payment CNPC at the rate about 6 mlrd dollars within the limits of the contract on deliveries of the Russian oil to China to 2010.
A.Kudrin`s Words have been apprehended as payment acknowledgement Rosneft purchases Yuganskneftegaz the credit taken from the Chinese banks. And Rosneft and Chinese CNPC practically have simultaneously given an official refutation of the given information.
according to analyst IK the Prospectus Dmitry Mangileva, a refutation two companies of words of the Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Kudrin about attraction Rosneft the credit on 6 mlrd dollars on the purchase purpose Yuganskneftegaz it is connected with necessity to avoid claims from foreign shareholders NK YUKOS .
Conclusions of analysts prove to be true the information containing in the message Rosneft . In extended yesterday the press - release is said that Open Society NK Rosneft has really agreed with the Chinese party upon deliveries in the Peoples Republic of China oil in volume of 48,4 million tons for the period to 2010. Inclusive on the terms of an advance payment which sum makes 6 mlrd dollars The Russian and Chinese financial institutions are really involved in the given scheme (including Foreign trade and investment bank) as banks - agents. However the means involved thus which are already received by the Russian side, are not connected in any way with acquisition of actions Yuganskneftegaz and have a special-purpose designation of the investment in it is industrial - economic activities Rosneft and realisation of its capital-intensive strategic projects .
Besides, in the message Rosneft it is said that obligations on raw materials deliveries to China during the specified period will be carried out basically at the expense of volumes of the oil extracted by other affiliated companies - Purneftegaz and Sahalinmorneftegazom . Analysts believe that it can be connected with the statement of the chairman of the board of YUKOS Stephen Tidi which it has made the day before yesterday, on February, 1st, in London. With. Tidi has told that the YUKOS plans to bring an action against the petrotraders helping Rosneft to sell the oil extracted Yuganskneftegaz .