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Gazprom is ready to expand presence in a power market of England

Gazprom studies possibility of expansion of the presence in the British power market. As have specified in the Russian power company, it concerns any accessible power actives in Great Britain, all possible variants are considered.
the company management Gazprom also has commented on the statement of the assistant to the general director of affiliated company Gazeksport . During A.Shkuta`s teleconference, answering a question on, whether considers Gazprom of possibility of purchase Centrica, has declared that this question is analyzed and considered now .
In a press - Gazprom service have noticed that Alexander Shkuty`s words have been incorrectly interpreted . Its answer concerned not to company Centrica, and any accessible power actives in Great Britain .
Incorrectly interpreted words And. SHkuty and in Great Britain where increase of stock value Centrica at a stock exchange on 11,1 % became result of a teleconference.
Gazprom with 1999. Participates in short-term trade in natural gas in Great Britain, actively increasing deliveries to the country market. In 2003. To Great Britain it has been put, including deliveries on spotovym to contracts, from above 2,1 mlrd cubic m of natural gas, in 2004. - nearby 4 mlrd cubic m (the part of volumes took place through company Wingas). In 2005. It is supposed to put to 4,2 mlrd cubic m. In 2010. Deliveries of natural gas to Great Britain can reach 10 - 12 mlrd cubic m (without deliveries on SEG).
Centrica - the largest gazoraspredelitelnaja the company of Great Britain, occupies 63 % of local gas and 23 % of the electropower market.