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vitse - the speaker of the State Duma: the Optimum price for oil - $70/ barr.

Vitse - the speaker of the State Duma, the president of the Russian gas society Valery Jazev considers that 70 dollars/ barr. Is an optimum price for oil in present economic realities.
fundamentally the price should be up to standard 70 dollars for barrel, and all the rest are gamble and the politician - he has told in conversation with journalists. As he said, this figure would be optimum for the market, but, whether will reach oil of this level in the long term, depends on many factors. in particular, it depends and on that, how much adequately the OPEC will operate quotas, and how Russia " will operate and co-operate with it; - has noted the vice-president of the lower chamber of parliament.
at the same time as considers V.Jazev, the OPEC in existing conditions will operate as much as possible accurately. As he said, the OPEC, aspiring to keep the prices for oil at comprehensible level, will be afraid at the same time of charges in incorrect actions in the conditions of crisis.
we will notice that oil futures on Tuesday bargain in a positive zone. Maximum from the beginning of day growth of quotations Light Sweet makes 1,2 %, and for quotations Brent the maximum growth of quotations reaches 2,4 %.
As of 13:10 Moscow time. The prices under transactions with futures Texas Light Sweet have grown on 59 cents - to 40 dollars of 77 cents for barrel, and on North Sea Brent - on 72 cents - to 44 dollars of 54 cents.