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S &P: the Average rouble exchange rate in 2009. Will make 40 rbl./ dollars

the Mid-annual rouble exchange rate in 2009. 40 rbl./ dollars Such forecast are expected at level the operating director, the head of representation of international rating agency Standard and Poor`s to Russia and the CIS Alexey Novikov has sounded in conversation with journalists.
Such rouble exchange rate is expected at the standard scenario - he has told, having explained that at an emergency variant of development the mid-annual rouble exchange rate can make 50 rbl./ dollars
According to A.Novikova, the emergency scenario assumes that the Central Bank will not use the reserves for support of a rate of national currency, the oil price will be low and deficiency of the account of current operations will be observed.
in the meantime Bank of Russia, fixing in the end of January the top border of a corridor bivaljutnoj baskets at level 41 rbl. Declared that the given borders are established for long term (some months) and depend on the price for oil. In particular, according to statements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the corridor can be expanded, if the prices of barrel of oil Urals falls to 30 dollars/ barr. Also will hold on at such level for a long time.
earlier the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Arcady Dvorkovich has declared at the World economic forum in Davos that the Central Bank tries not to participate in the auctions in the currency market to allow the market most to define an equilibrium exchange rate of rouble inside bivaljutnogo a corridor. the corridor has been established to allow free movement of rouble in its borders, and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation tries to be out of the market, how much it is possible to avoid artificial pressure - has noted A.Dvorkovich.
as he said, the rate of exchange yet has not overcome corridor borders, and here there is nothing to worry . Considering that the macroeconomic situation has not changed, we keep our forecast that there are no reasons for rouble exchange rate easing for border limits. We have enough reserves - he has told. The assistant to the president also has added that now the authorities search for new tools to keep currency in the country.
we will remind that a dollar official rate to the rouble, the established Central Bank of the Russian Federation for February, 4th 2009., makes 36,129 rbl./ dollars In comparison with level of value of previous day a course has decreased almost for 5 copeck