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J.Luzhkov has suggested to lower the VAT for small-scale business to 10 %

the Value-added tax (VAT) for the small-scale business enterprises it is necessary to lower from 18 % to 10 %. Such opinion was stated by the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov on the TV channel air TV - the Center .
According to the town governor, now monetarism and budget accumulation not a way for an overcoming the crisis . J.Luzhkov has underlined that it is necessary to use all means for support of the enterprises of small-scale business.
Besides, the mayor has noticed that an important problem is prevention possible rejderskih captures during financial crisis. in a city operates special antirejdersky a staff. Since it has begun work, is prevented already about 100 captures - J.Luzhkov has told.
with the similar initiative the head of state corporation " one of these days has acted; Rostehnologii Sergey Chemezov. He has suggested to lower the VAT of 18 % to 12 % for the motor industry enterprises. According to S.Chemezova, it will allow our car industry to liberate in the conditions of crisis means for development.
we will notice that within the limits of struggle against crisis the government of the Russian Federation has already accepted a number of tax indulgences. So, the profit tax is lowered from 24 % to 20 %, for small-scale business regions have acquired the right to establish the differentiated tax rates in limits from 5 % to 15 % of percent depending on categories of tax bearers.
possibility of decrease in the VAT is considered in the government of the Russian Federation since February of last year after Vladimir Putin`s corresponding offer. Experts believe that the VAT will be lowered to level 12 - 13 % not earlier than 2010.