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Pure outflow of the capital from Russia in 2009. Has made $52 mlrd

Volume of direct investments to Russia following the results of the past year it was reduced on 30 mlrd dollars Thus, pure outflow of the capital for a year has made 52 mlrd dollars About it has informed vitse - the prime minister, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, acting at a forum Russia 2010 .
Thus the minister has reminded that before crisis the volume of direct investments a year made 70 mlrd dollars Years 6 - 7 it was difficult to dream of such volume " back; - A.Kudrin has underlined. it is assured that restoration on pre-crisis level again will begin, and in the nearest two - three years we will restore direct foreign investments to level 60 - 70 mlrd dollars - he has added.
Vitse - the prime minister has noticed that investment appeal of Russia has been reached at the expense of economic policy measures: perfection of tax system, the financial legislation and etc. However, the head of the Ministry of Finance, the macroeconomic policy " has noticed; could be even more strict .
According to A.Kudrin, more strict macroeconomic policy - pledge of less speculative nature of the capital coming to Russia, and in this case at Russia will be the balanced external position.
A.Kudrin also has noticed that the government of the Russian Federation will welcome first of all those foreign investments which will bring new technologies to Russia.
Vitse - the prime minister considers that now in Russia serious barriers regarding an investment climate remain. the government should take more serious measures in this direction - he has noted.
A.Kudrin has underlined that creation of the best climate - a necessary condition for use of chance which gives crisis. Without it, as he said, Russia cannot remain the competitive country.