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A.Kudrin: the Russian Federation Russia should search for new factors of economic growth

should search for new factors of economic growth. Such point of view was sounded by the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance Alexey Kudrin at a forum Russia 2010 .
Key factors which defined growth before crisis, - the high price for oil and capital inflow - will essentially more poorly, these factors while are in stagnation, no. We should search for other factors of economic growth. Them concern: cost price decrease, maintenance of innovations, an exit on the market with the best offer - A.Kudrin has told.
he, in particular, has noted necessity of increase in a share of innovative production for state purchases. Corresponding amendments it is supposed to pass in the law on state purchases. now the law regulates only the price, we will raise requirements to state purchases - the minister has underlined.
As he said, these requirements it is planned to extend also to purchases by state companies and state corporations, such, as Gazprom and Rosneft . Some sessions of the commission on modernisation and innovations will be devoted this question in the near future at the president of the Russian Federation.
next week session will be devoted stimulation of innovations of a private sector. We prepare for this session the offers, including tax character which will support the innovative enterprises - the minister has noted.
speaking about decrease in the cost price of production, A.Kudrin has told that some time at decrease in costs and labour productivity increase in Russia will be observed unemployment growth, even when economy growth will begin. it is the inevitable moment - he has specified.