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Rising in price oil pushes rouble to new records

the Auctions in the Russian currency market of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange have begun today confident growth of rouble in relation to dollar and euro. Already at opening of the quotation of dollar 30 rbl. have fallen below a mark, and the eurozone currency has punched again downwards a mark 42 rbl./ euro.
experts notice that today the Russian currency has continued strengthening thanks to growth of the main reference point - the prices for oil - against lifting in the share markets and euro growth to dollar. Before the beginning of the auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange futures for oil of mark Brent bargained around a fortnight maximum about 76 dollars/ barr., after falling to 71,13 dollars/ barr.
The day before the rouble has risen to a week maximum to dollar and peak of one and a half weeks to euro and bivaljutnoj to a basket, having got of support from such traditional factors, as the prices for oil and sale of a currency export gain.
a dollar official rate to the rouble, established by Bank of Russia since February, 4th 2010. Has decreased for 31 copeck and has made 29,8779 rbl./ dollars As of 12:30 Moscow time an average rate of dollar calculations tomorrow made 29,8755 rbl./ dollars
the Minimum transactions on dollar 29,815 rbl./ dollars are made at level, maximum - 29,95 rbl./ dollars Last time the official rate of the American currency fell below a mark of 30 roubles in the end of January 2010.
has aloud fallen in price today and uniform European currency. As of 12:30 Moscow time the average rate of euro calculations tomorrow made 41,8078 rbl./ euro that for 25 copecks below level of closing of the auctions the day before. The minimum transactions on euro are made at level 41,6775 rbl./ euro, maximum - 42,1501 rbl./ euro.
against falling of a dollar exchange rate and euro has aloud fallen in price and bivaljutnaja a basket. As of 12:30 Moscow time bivaljutnyj the reference point of Bank of Russia bargained at level 35,2687 rbl. that for 22 copecks below the previous closing.
analysts Nomos - Bank notice that the positive moods of global investors defining growth of share platforms and commodity - raw stock exchanges, support dollar easing. So, the day before the euro exchange rate has grown about 1,386 dollars/ euro to 1,393 dollars, and at level 1,397 dollars Most likely today bargain, as an optimism source have acted both good corporate reports, and statistics of the eurozone which abundance is expected and today that can lead to new movements in the markets, experts speak.
as they said, today under the influence of the next positive signals from the global markets the rouble continues to become stronger. we assume that despite earlier made statements, a regulator nevertheless in a greater degree is guided not on bivaljutnuju a basket as a whole, and by a rouble exchange rate to dollar as to the basic currency of the foreign trade operations. Proceeding from this precondition, we suppose that at preservation of a tendency observed in the internal currency market the Bank of Russia quite can admit basket cost more low floating borders in 35 rub - analysts " have concluded; Nomos - Bank .