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the Organizer of the auctions - competitive managing director Shazo Saret Saferbievna - informs on sale by means of the public offer a uniform prize property MUP MTS Teuchezhsky (Republic Adygea, and. ponezhukaj, street October, 33/ 1; OGRN 1020100859525, an INN 0107007094) Arbitration court RA recognised as the decision from 22. 09. 2010 on business 01 - 949/ 2010 insolvent (bankrupt).

Application forms for participation in the auctions move in the electronic form on a site in a network the Internet to the address: http:// www. utender. ru.

to Familiarize with property it is possible at the Organizer of the auctions from 10:00 till in the working days to the above-stated address, phone 8(918) 4321478, a fax 8(877772) 92995, address. Mails: shazo63@mail. ru.

the Information about a prize 1 : the name - the Uniform property complex, in structure: fur. A current, warehouses - 2 pieces TSRM, a canopy, office, zernometatel, the welding unit, a fencing from concrete plates, the right of rent of the ground areas under real estate.

and requirements to their registration - the Application form for participation should contain the list of documents represented by participants: the valid extract from EGRJUL or a notarial copy (for jur. Persons); an extract from EGRIP or a notarial copy (for IP); copies of documents proving the identity (for fiz. Persons); a company name; data about organizational - the legal form, about the location, the mailing address (for jur. Persons); F. And. O, passport data, data on a residence (for fiz. Persons); number of contact phone; address. Mails; an INN; copies of the documents confirming powers of the head (for jur. Persons); data on presence or absence of interest of the Applicant in relation to the debtor, creditors, the competitive managing director and about character of interest; The offer on the price of acquisition of property of the debtor; other documents provided FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) ; the inventory of the presented documents.

date of carrying out of public offers - 05. 11. 2011 at 6:00 ch.

the demands acceptance Period: with 10. 10. 2011 0:00 ch. On 04. 11. 2011 23:55 ch.

the Initial price - 4 017 240 rbl., without the VAT.

period of validity of the initial price - 2 weeks from the date of message publication.

next two weeks the offer price makes 3816378 rbl.

deposit Maintenance: the size of the deposit - 10 % from the offer price.

an order of entering and deposit return - the Applicant is obliged in time, specified in the present message, and according to the contract on deposit entering, to bring the deposit by transfer of money resources to account MUP MTS Teuchezhsky on nizheukazannym to requisites. In a payment function it is necessary to name tendering date, for participation in which the deposit, the bank name - JUZB SB Russian Federation UDO 8620/ 036, r/ sch 40702810001000108655, barks/ sch 30101810600000000602, BIK 046015602, an INN 0107007094, a check point 010701001 is brought.