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II stage of the Russian competition " has begun; the Businessman of year - 2004

the second stage of the Russian national competition " Has begun; the Businessman of year - 2004 spent within the limits of the international annual program the Businessman of year (Entrepreneur Of The Year Award). On it has informed on a press - conferences in Moscow Andrey Pozhalov, the director of the program the Businessman of year companies Ernst and Young which is the organizer of competition.
as he said, during the first stage of competition to organizers has arrived hardly less than 100 demands, thus 51 % of demands has had on participants from Moscow, 20 % - from St.-Petersburg, and the others - from the Volga region and Siberia. our plans include the maximum covering of territory of the Russian Federation - A.Pozhalov has told. The director of the program has noticed that representatives of the industrial companies (35 %) participate in competition, bank sector (20 %), the trading and retail companies (15 %), sphere of services (20 %) and branch of information technology (10 %).
the Second stage of competition assumes passage by its participants of series of interview to members of national jury for the purpose of revealing of the most successful businessman, and also for check of reliability of the data presented by the companies about. One of conditions of participation in competition is the transparency of the companies - participants of competition should show openly the financial reporting within at least three years - A.Pozhalov has underlined.
the International program the Businessman of year covering about 40 countries of the world, has begun 18 years ago and it is directed on a recognition of merits of businessmen in development world and national economy. Participate in competition owners or the heads of the companies responsible for work of the enterprise and taking active part in management by it can.
Summarizing of national competition the Businessman of year - 2004 will take place in November 2004. In Moscow. The winner of a national stage of competition will represent Russia in June 2005. At the international stage of competition in Monte - Karlo (Monaco).