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A.Kozlov has told about reorganisation of bank system

In bank system of Russia now there is a difficult process of structural reorganisation. Such opinion was stated today at the expanded session of board of Federal antimonopoly service by the first deputy of the chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Andrey Kozlov.
he has informed that now there is a modernisation of bank sector, the competition and the Central Bank grows becomes more intolerant of an unfair competition in the given market. we do not want, that weak banks entered system of insurance of contributions, and the Bank of Russia should interfere with it - A.Kozlov has declared.
Besides, A.Kozlov has noticed that recently there was a tendency to correction of errors from banks. it is process difficult, and we endure it quickly, - he has declared, - but anything awful, crisis in it is not present . A.Kozlov has underlined that recently not only the Central Bank, but also bankers understand that it is necessary to rectify errors.
Making comments on the situation which has developed last days in the bank market when there were hearings about crisis of bank system, A.Kozlov has declared that the idea of bank crisis has been stated by the persons interested in discredit of Bank of Russia as supervising body. no crisis is present, and we know, who has made it - A.Kozlov has underlined. He named the given behaviour an elementary example of an unfair competition .
Last week A.Kozlov is occupied by that tries to calm the Russian bankers. One of these days he has once again assured bankers that no fundamental economic reasons that the Bank of Russia worried, are present . A.Kozlov has noticed that the Bank of Russia did not provoke a nervous situation and does not plan it to do.
last Friday there were any desires to fluctuation in the interbank market. However if the liquidity volume in the market decreases, the Central Bank will be refinansirovat bank system in necessary volumes - A.Kozlov has underlined.
in connection with events of Friday when in the interbank market many banks have started to close crediting limits against each other, he urged bankers to have a rest well during week-end, and on Monday with a cold head to come for work and at last to cease to panic.