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Control over Beltransgazom will confirm Gazprom positions

Control over Beltransgazom would allow Gazprom to secure the export deliveries against possible failures and to have more firm positions in negotiations about the prices for gas with the Belarus party.
as - Bank Anton Zatolokin, despite positive news the analyst of MDM has informed on settlement of disagreements at the price of deliveries of gas and cost of the transit most important Gazprom achieved that, - control over Beltransgazom (shares in the company) while is not present.
Agreements on the prices for gas are signed only this year and can pour out again in opposition in the beginning of next year. but as a whole positive shifts it is available, positions of the parties approach, and consequently, in due course it is possible to count and on the conclusion of agreements on Beltransgazu - the expert has told.
analysts believe that in 2005. Gazprom will not conduct serious debate with the Belarus party about the price of delivery of gas, and also about cost of its prorolling. Making comments on the contract concluded on June, 8th between Open Society Gazprom and joint-stock company Beltransgaz experts Veles the Capital have noticed that owing to increase of the tariff for prorolling of gas Gazprom will pay Belarus on 2,2 million dollars more than was planned.
also it would be desirable to notice that, in spite of the fact that volumes of deliveries of gas to Belarus in 2004. Will be rather insignificant, the given volumes will add profitableness to Gazprom operations as the company can redirect the given gas from home market - experts consider.
as analyst FK " has noted; NIKojl the Lion Snykov, a situation with tariffs on 2005. While remains not clear - the parties can both to prolong the contract, and to enter into the new agreement.
we will remind, the day before in Minsk heads of Open Society Gazprom And joint-stock company Beltransgaz have signed the contract on delivery in 2004. 10,2 mlrd cubic metre of the Russian gas. Cost of 1000 cubic metre will make 46,68 dollars, the tariff for transportation for 100 km - 0,75 dollars Besides, Belarus has agreed on carrying out of independent audit of cost of actives of Open Society Beltransgaz which will spend Joint-Stock Company Deloitte &Touche - the CIS by the autumn 2004.