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The joint venture of the Russian Federation have claims to all natural monopolies

Audit Chamber (joint venture) of the Russian Federation has claims to all natural monopolies, has informed during the round table devoted to synchronisation of reforms of natural monopolies, the auditor of the joint venture of the Russian Federation Michael Beshmelnitsyn.
As he said, as a result of the checks spent in Gazprom, it is noticed that last years the company has sharply improved all without an exception financial indicators, indicators of work, updating of funds. However, the auditor has specified, in Gazprom activity is available two lacks one of which consists that raw-material base reproduction is at level which does not provide safety of stocks of gas. According to M.Beshmelnitsyna, now Gazprom works over elimination of this lack.
Besides, by results of checks in Open Society “ the Russian railways “ (Russian Railway) of Schetnaja the payment has a number of serious claims to the company, in particular, in questions of cross subsidising. “ the company does not have authentic account of expenses by different kinds of activity, including on cargo and passenger transportations “ - he has told. “ until will be the account of expenses, we cannot tell, how much cross subsidising is necessary “ - has underlined M.Beshmelnitsyn.
He also has informed that now check is spent to the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “. According to the auditor, it became clear, what not all state certificates and recommendations are carried out by the company. “ failure on substation “ CHagino “ has shown one more lack of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ of sphere of property relations “ - has specified M.Beshmelnitsyn. The station is on balance “ Mosenergo “ however it is used by the Inter-regional network company, he has noted.
At the same time as the auditor of the joint venture of the Russian Federation has noted, besides the companies set forth above there are also other natural monopolies, in particular “ Transneft “ through which passes 98 % of all oil extracted in Russia. As he said, check “ Transneft “ has shown that the company functions stably, performs all procedural works, service of oil pipelines and building of new objects. “ this company has potential possibilities, except that, tariffs in it grow more slowly, than in other natural monopolies “ - M.Beshmelnitsyn has told.
As a whole, concerning a question of growth of tariffs of natural monopolies, the auditor has noticed that this growth should not be above a rate of inflation. According to the representative of Audit Chamber, monopoly are “ the generator of inflationary processes “: growth of tariffs of all natural monopolies much more above, than a rate of inflation. All monopolies are profitable, has declared M. Beshmelnitsyn, and it is not clear, “ what for we should raise it tariffs, which already above inflation though many enterprises in other branches work at a loss “.
According to M.Beshmelnitsyna, during reforming of natural monopolies it is necessary to exclude possibility of dispersal of inflation in various sectors of economy.