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M.Fradkov demands to toughen control over state purchases

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Fradkov considers that for infringements of an order and conditions of tender on the state purchases the criminal liability can be entered. It has made such statement, acting today at session of the government of the Russian Federation.
the prime minister - the minister, criticising offers of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation on increase of efficiency of state purchases and, in particular, modification of the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences which provide strengthening of responsibility of state officials, has asked at zamglavy MERT Andrey Sharonov, whether analyzed the ministry of possibility of the Criminal code. begin with control of more rigid - M.Fradkov has advised.
in opinion of premieres - the minister, toughening of control over purchases should concern and natural monopolies. To natural monopolies where the state possesses controlling stocks, The transparency and control, rigid control " is necessary;. Otherwise we will have that had on Chagino - the prime minister has underlined.
M.Fradkov has informed that, according to the State Office of Public Prosecutor MERT now does not define an order of control and does not promote elimination of the revealed infringements at state purchases. M.Fradkov has advised to the ministry to create necessary conditions, that responsibility for infringements in the given sphere has been as much as possible approached to criminal .
In turn, A.Sharonov was indignant: Still us (MERT) did not suffice criminal cases to raise! it has reminded that last four years MERT quarterly represents results of monitoring on state purchases and corresponding infringements in this sphere.
we Will remind that Ministry of economic development and trade suggests to enhance the responsibility officials for an inefficient expenditure of budgetary funds, infringement of terms of purchases, for carrying out of purchases at inflated price, and also for realisation of purchases not in full. In this connection, it is offered to make amendments to the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences (KoAP) in which the liability of infringement of the legislation on placing of orders for the state needs will be registered. A.Sharonov has informed that such offers are already prepared MERT, including the structure of infringements is registered in sphere of state purchases. In particular, the ministry suggests to raise penalties for officials for similar infringements to 200 minimum wage rates (minimum wage rate).
Also Ministry of economic development and trade has suggested to transfer to Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) and Federal Agency on financially - to budgetary supervision (Rosfinnadzoru) functions on control over carrying out of state purchases, as, according to A.Sharonov, now any federal body does not carry out control over purchases in full . At the same time, the special representative body which would carry out these functions is necessary. Besides, has noted the deputy minister, control over purchases should be carried out also by participants of the auctions and professional community.
as A.Sharonov has noted, necessity of control and supervision for this sphere is connected with a considerable quantity of infringements of the legislation. He, in particular, has specified in evasion from carrying out of open competitions on state purchases. As an example zamglavy MERT named the Main thing kvartirno - operational management of the Minister of Defence which carried out purchases of coal of those marks which have not been specified them in the notice.
Besides, at other organisations the facts of absence of publications about the auctions, reductions of terms of giving of application forms for participation in the auctions (since the put 45 days till 3 days) have been elicited. In some cases there were no data on participants of competition and the price in tendering reports. Also, according to A.Sharonov, preferences were given to the separate organisations and the direct admission of foreign suppliers to the auctions was carried out. Besides, the admission facts to the closed competitions of the organisations which do not have the admission to work, for example, in sphere of state secret have been elicited.
Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation also has supported creation of the uniform federal register of the state purchases and contracts. In such register data on the name of the customer and the supplier, about their site, sources of financing of purchases, dates of carrying out of purchases and the conclusions of contracts should contain. The similar register, A.Sharonov has noted, will allow to create the generalised statistics of carrying out of purchases.
Besides, the deputy minister has informed that within the limits of the federal target program Electronic Russia MERT has developed a breadboard model the Internet - a portal of state purchases. In 2005. It will be entered into pre-production operation, and with 2006. Joining to it without fail all participants of state purchases is supposed. Besides, during 2006. It is supposed to establish connection between federal and regional portals.
also A.Sharonov has noticed that volume of state purchases on a competitive basis in 2006. The economy of means of the federal budget in 2006 can make nearby 1 trln rbl. Thus, as he said. Can make about 10 % (100 mlrd rbl.) . It has reminded that in 2004. The economy of budgetary expenses has made more than 5 % at total amount of purchases on a competitive basis in 548 mlrd rbl.
According to A.Sharonov, carrying out of purchases on a competitive basis allows to cut down budgetary expenses and to liberate money resources for other purposes. Thus the deputy minister has underlined that the successful and effective organisation of process of purchases can save to 25 % from the starting price.
according to M.Fradkov, now the volume of state purchases at federal and regional levels makes practically 30 % of all budgetary expenses. I underline it, as we should estimate really an expenditure of means for these purposes - the prime minister has told. It has explained that the government finds each rouble to provide the balanced budget, necessary macroeconomic indicators, to execute social obligations to the population, to support defensibility of the country.
M. Fradkov has underlined that on June, 8th the budgetary commission of the government has assumed as a basis the project of the federal budget on 2006. Also has once again set the task effectively to spend budgetary funds.