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The Central Bank: Preconditions for liquidity crisis in Russia are not present

System preconditions for liquidity crisis now in Russia are not present. Such opinion today within the limits of the bank congress proceeding in Petersburg, was stated by the deputy director of department of bank regulation and supervision of Bank of Russia Vladimir Safronov.
as he said, now the Bank of Russia can cope with separate problems of liquidity. Thus V.Safronov has underlined that last years increase of rates of development of bank system of the country that conducts to accumulation of risks is noticed.
bank of Russia, spending an estimation of risks and financial stability of the Russian banks, uses three tools: regular monitoring of bank risks, stress - testing, and also the analysis of financial indicators.
Century Safronov has informed that now the Bank of Russia participates in working out of indicators of financial stability for IMF, in particular, the bank carries out calculation on 25 indicators. In its opinion, also it is necessary to involve Rosstat in this work and FSFR.
Earlier the vice-president of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Andrey Kozlov asserted that a liquidity lack - not the greatest problem of domestic bank system. it in bolshej to a measure a technical problem which dares methods monetary - the credit policy - A.Kozlov declared.