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Analysts: Belarus will refuse to buy gas on 200 dollars

Belarus will disagree to buy from Open Society Gazprom gas at the price of 200 dollars for thousand in cubic m., is considered by experts.
it very much the big price, and Belarus hardly can pay it - analyst IK " has told; Veles the Capital Michael Zak. it is obvious to raise aspiration of Gazprom of the price for gas for Belarus to the European level. However it not purely economic problem - M.Zak marks.
that Belarus will refuse to pay for gas on 200 dollars, analyst IK " does not doubt also; the Three Dialogue Valery Nesterov. it purely market price on which gas is on sale outside of the CIS, - marks V.Nesterov. - to refuse this offer, it is enough to Belarus to specify in the agreement on deliveries of the Russian gas to Ukraine (the actual price which - 95 dollars Ukraine pays for thousand cubic) . According to V.Nesterov, the offer to pay for gas 200 dollars - an element of trunk-call tactics . Now Russia and Belarus instead of going on rapprochement, have occupied a hard line. finally, without the political decision on this question will not manage - the expert considers.
it is quite probable that the price for the Russian gas for Belarus following the results of all negotiations will make something an average between existing and that on which insists Gazprom, M.Zak considers. According to V.Nesterov, the price will be established in a plug 100 - 150 doll for thousand in cubic m. Though as he marks, variants are possible also, for example, in the event that Belarus will make concessions on Gazprom participation in Beltransgaze . Then the price can be more low.
we will remind that Open Society Gazprom has offered Open Society Beltransgaz with 2007. To buy gas at the European prices. Now Gazprom delivers gas to Belarus at the price of 46,68 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m. According to the contract on 2006., Gazprom should put to Belarus 21 mlrd cubic m of gas (including 1,5 mlrd to cubic m in the presence of technical possibility). The price of gas and the tariff for transportation correspond to similar conditions 2005. Gazprom carries on with the Belarus party negotiations for creation on base Beltransgaza joint venture with equal shares of participants. Thus Belarus insists that sale to Gazprom of 50 % of actions of Open Society Beltransgaz can be spent at market cost.