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O.Vjugin: market Falling can affect plans of the companies on IPO

Falling in stock market can affect plans of the Russian companies on IPO. Such opinion was stated on passing in Stockholm XIII International by business - conferences G8: leadership of Russia - new possibilities for business the head of Federal Agency of the financial markets (FSFR) Oleg Vjugin.
according to head FSFR, now world investors are afraid that risks of investments in emerging markets will sharply increase. And, it will occur not in connection with defects of a policy of developing countries, and to probability of loss of liquidity in these markets in the future. In many respects these fears are connected with growth of rates of the central banks of the leading countries.
the rate of the world centre of liquidity (FRS the USA) already makes 5 %, and is not excluded that it will grow in the future - O.Vjugin has told. Besides, he has added, there is an opinion of analysts that economic growth in the USA which now makes 5 %, will decrease to 3 % in connection with labour and access exhaustion to cheap financial resources, and also high cost of primary resources.
if all these fears will prove to be true, programs IPO planned by the companies will be reduced, however the largest nevertheless will take place, head FSFR considers. He also has declared that while to the Russian companies interest of investors was and remains serious enough. However there is no saying that will be further, O.Vjugin has added.
we will remind that in a course business - conferences in Stockholm date of the announcement of parametres IPO Open Society " yesterday has been named; Rosneft . According to the vice-president of board of the Savings Bank of Bella Zlatkis, this event is planned for June, 13th. By this day also it will be declared volume and other conditions of primary placing Rosneft .
IPO Rosneft interesting that it most likely becomes the first among primary placings of the Russian companies which will pass simultaneously both on Russian, and on foreign (Stock exchange of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and the London stock exchange) the markets.