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S.Ivanov: To 2020. The Russian Federation will be included into the five of the largest economy of the world

In St.-Petersburg today XI Petersburg international economic forum has opened. It is directed on partnership development between political, business, intellectual leaders of the world community, and also for discussion and the decision of the basic problems of global development.
has opened a forum the governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko which has told that application forms for participation it has appeared almost twice more than organizers expected. After forum opening performance of the first vitse - a premiere of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov who has made a number of the statements, concerning economic development of Russia has followed.
first of all S.Ivanov has promised that on the sizes of gross national product Russia to 2020. Will enter into the five of the largest economy of the world, and gross national product per capita at par purchasing capacity will make to 2020. About 30 thousand dollars in the prices 2005.
Also, by words With. Ivanov, not less than 50 % of citizens of Russia to 2020. Will make middle class, and quality of their life will come nearer to indicators of middle class of the developed countries. As he said, half of economically active population will have the higher vocational training, on quality close to average indexes of the EU countries. S.Ivanov has noticed that so high reference points on the future are caused by a real estimation of own possibilities and natural advantages of Russia. He has underlined that first of all it is a question of a high educational level of Russians.
at the same time S.Ivanov has added that this potential is used far not effectively. serious disproportions between structure of a professional training and demand Remain. The severe shortage of many business - kompetentsy, directly defining competitiveness of economy and the country as a whole " was outlined; - has specified the first vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation.
With. Ivanov has told also that influence of postindustrial segments of economy will amplify. Russia will take in the lead positions in the markets of hi-tech production at least on 4 - to 6 positions. it is nuclear power (nuclear reactors and technologies), aircraft engineering (civil and military planes), shipbuilding (ice breakers, scientific vessels, gazovozy, vessels for shelf and class development the river - the sea ) . And also manufacture raketonositelej and space vehicles, service of space starts, the software, nanotehnologii - he has specified.
according to the first vitse - a premiere, volumes of a telecommunication service in comparison with 2006. Will increase more than in 14 times, and the market of information technology will increase more than in 2 times.
motivating so rapid growth of economy of Russia, S.Ivanov has told that natural competitive advantage of Russia - its geography. As he said, today Russia is in the centre of most dynamically developing region of the world, opens huge possibilities for export and investments. As on territory of the country pass the shortest ways from Asian - Pacific region to Europe.

however, has not managed and without criticism. So, the first vitse - the prime minister has paid attention on infrastructural terminators of economic growth Which not developed transport system and growing rupture between generation and power consumption concern. today for the inhabitant of the Far East to reach Moscow or Petersburg at times simply unsoluble problem. What to speak, if building of a through highway to Vladivostok " just now comes to an end; - S.Ivanov has told.
S.Ivanov`s one more critical statement concerned developments of small and average business in the Russian Federation. an Achilles` heel these spheres, according to the first vitse - the premiere, remains high level of corruption. Many spheres of the Russian economy are still closed from a competition, and it interferes with modernisation and inflow of investments. S.Ivanov has underlined that the enterprise initiative is stopped by high hurdles for an input on the market and unequal conditions of a competition, and development of small and average business is interfered by monopolisation of the local markets.
We should learn operate, dispose of our resources and advantages more effectively. It is necessary for Russia to make qualitative break in competitiveness in all spheres: in economy and innovations, social sphere and a state administration - has drawn a conclusion Sergey Ivanov.
thereupon it is necessary to result and S.Ivanov`s one more statement, concerning formations in the Russian Federation large state holdings. As he said, it does not mean at all that Russia comes back to the state monopolies. creating similar holdings, the state redeems a part of actives at private business. I will underline: at the market price and without any hint on ekspropriatsiju. But it does not mean at all that we come back back, to the state monopolies, to hothouse conditions of state protectionism - S.Ivanov has told. As he said, it is a question of creation of the public corporations, capable to undertake scale projects and successfully to compete in the global markets.
the First vitse - the prime minister has noticed that thus holdings will work in cooperation with the private companies, including the foreign. It has expressed hope that such practice will allow not only to raise efficiency of the large enterprises, but also will give an impulse to development of small and average business in the industry and sector of services. it will be good addition to a policy of support of small-scale business and development of microfinancial institutions - S.Ivanov has added.
further S.Ivanov has concerned problems brain drains . It has reminded that in 1990 - e years Russia were left by many scientists and researchers. Now, according to the first vitse - a premiere, it is necessary to interest the compatriots living abroad, in work for the blessing of the Russian economy and a science. Thus he has noticed that it also good possibilities for adjustment of communications with world scientific and research community.
With. Ivanov has underlined that here it will be important to consider prestige, Russian scope offered projects, material conditions and legal guarantees including concerning reliable protection of intellectual property.
it is necessary to tell also that during the performance S.Ivanov has concerned not only economic problems. So, he has assured that in 2020. Russia will be democratic, a lawful state respecting the rights and advantage of the person. Russia is an integral part of a western civilisation, its cultural both cultural wealth is and our values. The people of Russia have made the historical choice, a choice in favour of democracy, opennesses, freedom of the public and business initiative. It is that basis which cannot be subjected audit. These are the main reference points of our strategy - S.Ivanov has declared.
often from our western colleagues it is necessary to hear that Russia and the West go different roads. I think, they forget about known true that to the same purpose conducts set of ways. And in the history there are many examples when far from the West in the geographical and cultural plan of the country finally turned to the developed democracies with market economy. Thus their way was not necessarily similar to a way of the European states - has noted the first Russian vitse - the prime minister.
in end S.Ivanov has told that long-term strategy of development of Russia means open discussion and dialogue. only leaning against the consent in a society, on creative energy, support and understanding of people, it is possible to realise so scale national program - summarised the first vitse - the prime minister.