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The Russian Federation becomes the bridge between Europe, America and the East

Russia can become the unique bridge between Europe, America and the East. Such opinion has stated during XI Petersburg economic forum the chairman of consulting council Citigroup James Wolfensohn.
he has noticed that now there is a displacement development focus world economy from countries G7 and OESR (the Organization of economic cooperation and development) which supervised 80 % of world gross national product, towards so-called quickly developing countries to which J. Wolfensohn has carried India and China. Thus he has noticed that change of a parity of manufacture of world gross national product between countries G7, OESR and quickly developing countries and Russia from 80 % to 20 % on 50 % to 50 % or 60 % to 40 % is expected.
As he said, Russia is between the East and the West and tries to realise possibility of creation new a silk way . Thus J. Wolfensohn has noticed that Russia it is opened, ready to develop and compete dynamically in the international markets . So, it has reminded that with 1995. Country gross national product has increased five times, besides that with 1991. On 1995. Gross national product volume was reduced to 50 %.
Russia is in a point when it should leave from dependence on natural resources and look at that is more important for it, - human potential - the economist has told. As he said, annually in Russia from higher educational institutions are issued by 1,2 million persons. In this connection, has noted J. Wolfensohn, the country can concentrate on development of space technologies, nanotehnology. It has expressed hope that Russia can use this gift as the development lever .