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A.Kostin: Actives VTB to 2020. Will grow in 3,5 times

Actives of the Russian bank system, by modest calculations, to 2020. Bank actives " will grow in 6 times; VTB during the period to 2010. Will grow in 3,5 times, the head of bank " has declared within the limits of the Petersburg economic forum; VTB Andrey Kostin.
as he said, the next decades Russia can keep bank sector which is most dynamically developing in the Russian economy.
the president of bank VTB has noticed that for last year many western investors have come to Russia. In its opinion, it is the positive factor for development of bank system. A.Kostin has reminded of successful carrying out by Russia of placings of actions of the Savings Bank and bank VTB .
Two thirds of volume of placing of bank VTB it has been sold at the London stock exchange. The resubscription to actions has been increased in 10 times - he has told, having underlined that participation of the western investors in placing has shown trust not only to bank, but also to the government of Russia and to all country .