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“ Aeroflot “ will strengthen the aircraft depot by planes Boeing and Airbus

Open Society “ Aeroflot - the Russian airlines “ has signed with the American aviabuilding corporation Boeing the report on intention to get dalnemagistralnye planes Boeing 787 - Dreamliner. The agreement is signed within the limits of XI Petersburg international economic forum.
as informs a press - service of the Russian airline, the contract provides acquisition of 22 new aircrafts Boeing 787 - Dreamliner with delivery term in 2014 - 2016γγ. According to the contract, “ Aeroflot “ has possibility to get as 248 - local Β787 - 8, and more capacious Β787 - 9. The engine choice will be made later, it is marked in the message “ Aeroflot “.
Making comments on signing of the today`s agreement with Boeing, the general director of Open Society “ Aeroflot “ Valery Okulov has informed that “ Aeroflot “ Plans to receive these planes with 2014γ. On one in a month.
earlier “ Aeroflot “ has signed the similar report with company Airbus about intention to get 22 dalnemagistralnyh plane A350 - xxx XWB with delivery in 2014 - 2017γγ., and the contract on acquisition in 2008 - 2010γγ has been besides concluded. 10 planes A330. As V.Okulov has informed, its company plans to conclude the firm contract c Airbus on purchase of the given aircrafts during 2007γ. As he said, the contract can be signed during an air show of Le Burzhe in France or an air show MAX in Russia.
also “ Aeroflot “ earlier has signed the contract on acquisition of 45 aircrafts (VS) SSJ (Dry) and the agreement on acquisition of six cargo VS Silt - 96 - 400.
the Controlling interest “ Aeroflot “ at a rate of 51,17 % belongs to the state. National reserve corporation through Cyprian Grabor Trading (Overseas) Limited (16,34 %) and Luxembourg Transinvest Control S. A. (9,76 %) in aggregate supervise about 30 % of actions of a society.
today within the limits of an economic forum the chairman of the board of Open Society “ Incorporated aviabuilding corporation “ (OAK) Alexey Fedorov and the president and the main chief executive of company Boeing have signed the contract on long-term cooperation.
as informs a press - service OAK, the contract signed during carrying out of XI Petersburg international economic forum, defines ways of the further development of cooperation between OAK and its enterprises on the one hand, and civil division Boeing with another.
the document provides creation of joint working group for studying of directions of cooperation in researches, working out, designing and manufacture of civil planes. The contract also provides expansion of participation of company Boeing in the program of creation of planes Sukhoi SuperJet.